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Assassin Juice Blue Thunder

Assassin Juice Blue Thunder is a feisty and icy raspberry candy flavour and a great-tasting premium liquids. Blue Thunder is cool, complex and artfully balanced with a delicate composition of blue raspberry and syrupy, candy-style sweetness. A touch of medium-level cooling gently emerges to add a refreshing kick to this special sweet treat.

Assassin Juice Crimson Violet

Assassin Juice Crimson Violet brings you ripe, fresh strawberries and mellow grape to make an explosive candy-inspired fusion. The deep complexities of grape combined with this fruit royalty, strawberry create the perfect flavour.

Future Juice Blue Raspberry Candy

Future Juice Blue Raspberry Candy recreates the classic American hard candy. If you love sweet candy flavours, we have no doubt you'll love this one! 2 Free Nic Shots

Future Juice Grape Candy

Future Juice Grape Candy lets you indulge in the perfect blend of juicy grapes and irresistible candy essence, transporting your taste buds to a flavourful dimension beyond time. Savour the harmonious marriage of nostalgia and innovation in every delicious puff.

Future Juice Rainbow Candy

Future Juice Rainbow Candy is a whimsical symphony of fruity flavours encapsulating the joy of childhood in every delightful puff, a taste of the rainbow brought to life.

Seriously PodFill Max Strawberry Candy 40ml

Seriously PodFill Max Strawberry Candy 40ml captures the delightful sweetness of strawberry candy, offering a nostalgic and sugary vaping experience. This premium e-liquid ensures a smooth and satisfying vape, perfect for those who love a sweet and fruity treat.