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Dual Battery Case

Dual Battery Case is suitable for 18650 batteries. If you are buying new 18650 batteries be sure to add this item to your cart along with them so you have a safe place to store them when they arrive! Keep your batteries looking and running nicer and longer by protecting them with this case.

MoliCel P28A 18650mAh 25A Battery

MoliCel P28A 18650mAh 25A Battery is a high quality, rechargeable 18650mAh battery from Molicel one of the best cells out on the market today.

MoliCel P42A 21700mAh Battery

MoliCel P42A 21700mAh Battery is a  high quality, rechargeable 21700 battery from Molicel, rated to have a 4200mAh capacity and a 30a discharge rate.