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eGo Battery USB Charger

eGo Battery USB Charger is a universal USB charger, with short circuit protection, overcharge protection. Input: DC 5V 500mA | Output: DC 4.2V 420mA

Micro USB Type-C Cable

Micro USB Type-C Cable 1-meter cable means you can easily roll it up and take with you anywhere.

Nitecore i2 2 Slot Battery Charger

The Nitecore i2 2 Slot Battery Charger is an intelligent 2 bay charger. Reliably charge a multitude of different batteries, while the i2 calculates the appropriate voltage and charge speed. Charging stops once the cell has reached the appropriate, full voltage. Supplied with a fused UK wall plug for safety and convenience.

Wall Plug UK USB

5V 1A usb wall charger UK plug USB. Power adapter ideal for charging your vape or mod or pod devices.