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Nasty Juice Slow Blow

Nasty Juice Slow Blow provides you with an interesting experience, as it plays between sweet and sour from the first vape. On the inhale, you will experience ripe notes of pineapple to get things started, which is complemented by a tangy after-bite thanks to the lime soda flavour on the exhale. 2 FOR £25

Future Juice Blue Raspberry Candy

Future Juice Blue Raspberry Candy recreates the classic American hard candy. If you love sweet candy flavours, we have no doubt you'll love this one! 2 Free Nic Shots

Perfect Vape Bubblegum Watermelon

Perfect Vape Bubblegum Watermelon is a perfect creation of juicy watermelon. Squeeze into some bubblegum fun.

Fruit Drop Strawberry Watermelon Kiwi

Fruit Drop Strawberry Watermelon Kiwi is a combination of sweet juicy strawberries that have been blended together with refreshing watermelon and ripe kiwis definitely a refreshing vape that will keep you feeling cool all day. 2 Free Nic Shots

Assassin Juice Crimson Violet

Assassin Juice Crimson Violet brings you ripe, fresh strawberries and mellow grape to make an explosive candy-inspired fusion. The deep complexities of grape combined with this fruit royalty, strawberry create the perfect flavour.

Doozy Legends Pink Haze

Doozy Legends Pink Haze is a Zingy lemon and a mix of citrus fruits with a tangy edge. A perfect balance of sweetness and citrus that creates one of the best fruity lemon vapes. 2 Free Nic Shots  

Fruit Drop Blackcurrant Lime Ice

Fruit Drop Blackcurrant Lime Ice brings you delicious pop-in-your-mouth blackcurrants with a squeeze of fresh citrus lime, blasted with ice to give you this refreshing flavour. 2 Free Nic Shots

Perfect Vape Pineapple Strawberry

Perfect Vape Pineapple Strawberry brings to you the the taste of fresh juicy pineapple combined with the sweet succulent sensation of ripe hand-picked strawberries. This creates a summery fruit juice that will keep you refreshed all day long.

Fantasi Watermelon Ice

Fantasi Watermelon Ice is a delicious combination of fresh, juicy watermelon and ice on Fantasi's classic fizzy base. 2 Free Nic Shots

Deranged Pug Life

Deranged Pug Life is a very unique and lovely mix of  toffee and yogurt. If you love desserts you are in for a treat! Pug Life will become your new all day vape. 2 Free Nic Shots

Billionaire Juice Pink Diamond

Billionaire Juice Pink Diamond is a luxuriously sweet strawberry and lemonade fizz mix. If you’re looking for a mouth drenching experience this refreshing juice is definitely the treat for you. Pink Diamond is a part of Billionaire's Platinum Edition. 2 for £22 Shortfills

Perfect Vape Bubblegum Apple

Perfect Vape Bubblegum Apple brings the most tangy apples expertly blended into a sweet mouth watering bubblegum flavour. This is the perfect vape for everyday.