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IVG 2400 4 in 1 Juicy Edition

IVG 2400 4 in 1 Juicy Edition is a combination of 4 amazing flavours. Embark on a flavour journey with Pomegranate Pear Lemon with the vibrant zing of pomegranate, crisp pear, and the lively tang of lemon converge for a burst of zesty delight. Dive into the essence of summer with Strawberry Raspberry Ice as a perfect blend of ripe strawberries and fresh raspberries, complemented by a refreshing icy breeze. Blueberry Cherry Cranberry is aromatic blueberries and ripe cherries intertwined with the subtle bitterness of cranberries. Experience the citrus symphony of Orange Brew where juicy oranges take centre stage and a hint of blueberries adds a refreshing twist to this flavourful mix. It holds four separate 2ml cartridges that can be swapped out by twisting the pod and clicking into place the new cartridge. Just twist to the next Juicy flavour and go!