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Fizzy Butterscotch Coffee

Fizzy Butterscotch Coffee is a shot of Butterscotch with bold coffee base, a unique combination of a rich coffeee blen , giving a sweet and morish aftertaste. 2 Free Nic Shots

Glas Butterscotch Reserve

Glas Butterscotch Reserve brings to you the most extraordinary butterscotch and caramel flavour. Then blended with a creamy RY4, it creates a slight tobacco flavour for a multi-layered experience. 2 FOR £25

Jack Rabbit Banoffee Pie

Jack Rabbit Banoffee Pie is an utterly delicious flavour where you will experience freshly whipped cream, banana and sticky caramel. Finishing off with a buttery biscuit with an almost savoury butterscotch aroma. This rich dessert e-liquid is so captivating, accordingly Jack Rabbit have made it award-winning. Haven't tried it yet? Why not give it a go! 2 FOR £25

Monsta Vape Creme Scotch

Monsta Vape Creme Scotch is a buttery smooth butterscotch coupled with a subtle hint of toffee to deliver an excellent dessert flavour. 2 for £22 Shortfills

Uncles Vape Co Caramel Swirls

Uncles Vape Co Caramel Swirls brings you delightful hints of butterscotch cream reverberate through this sweet, caramelised toffee candy.