Scotvapes Response to a Disposable Vape Ban

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Scotvapes supports all measures designed to protect our children from the harm caused by smoking but also to prevent children taking up vaping. 

We as a Company support the drive away from single use Lithium-Ion batteries. 

These batteries were never designed for single use and can much more effectively be used in rechargeable, reusable devices. 

We would also welcome greater regulation in our industry to prevent vapes being sold by businesses with no knowledge of the products they are selling. 

Vaping has been the greatest tool ever invented to reduce adult smoker numbers and any legislation passed must be careful that it doesn’t drive people back to tobacco or to illegal counterfeit products. 

We support greater resources being directed towards Trading Standards Departments and Border Control in their fight against illegal and unsafe products entering the market. 

*Scotvapes have reduced their disposable sales by over 40% in the last 6 months through the careful education of our customers and by directing them towards more sustainable, affordable, reusable devices.  

Responsible Vape Shops should be encouraged and valued in the fight against tobacco and its associated health risks. 

*Based on internal sales analysis 

Making the change from disposables?

If you’re looking to make the change from disposables early, we have got you covered! There’s plenty of alternatives available to suit everyone. If you are ever unsure, we are always happy to help! Find out what’s the right alternative for you.

Pictured above are various pod kits we have available in store and online. These kits come in different styles and colours to choose from. These kits have a rechargeable battery, interchangeable pods and feature draw activation technology (similar to disposable vapes). Use a nic salt in your pod to recreate a similar sensation as a disposable vape.

Pictured above are rechargeable pre-filled pod kits and their respective pods below. These are a step-up from disposable vapes, but a step-down from pod kits. Once the pod is empty, it is disposed of and a new pre-filled pod replaces it. With these kits, you are more limited to the flavour profiles available.

Nic salts are available to use with any vaping device (excluding pre-filled pod systems).

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always happy to help if you are unsure of the right product for you! We advise that you visit one of our stores or use the Contact Us form here. Finding the right device, pod and nicotine strength will make your vaping journey easy and successful.