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Assassin Juice Black Cobra

Assassin Juice Black Cobra brings you candy classics with traditional Black Jack flavours with light citrusy undertones. A delicious combination of sweet aniseed and liquorice brings a cool, complex and rich aroma. As good as the real thing: this is a nostalgic treat for those seeking a full-flavoured masterpiece in candy classics.

Doozy Seriously Nice Ice N Berg

Doozy Seriously Nice Ice N Berg is a mix of Wild Berries wrapped in a Cool Icy breeze with a hint of Aniseed making this Seriously Nice. One of the most popular recipes in the vaping community! 2 Free Nic Shots  

Uncles Vape Co Blue Hi-Zen

Uncles Vape Co Blue Hi-Zen is the perfect combination of berries, currants and citric fruits and all that with an aniseed twist.