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Elf Bar Lost Mary DM600 x2 Mix Berries

Elf Bar Lost Mary DM600 X2 Mix Berries offers a delightful fusion of rich, ripe berries in a unique and flavourful blend. This e-liquid delivers a satisfying vaping experience with the perfect balance of sweet and tangy notes. These kits are suitable for all levels of vapers. Elf Bar Lost Mary DM600 x2 is also known as Lost Mary DM1200, due to a name change either may be printed on the packaging.  2 for £15

ELFA Pro Pod Kit Twilight Blue – Mix Berries

Mix berries offer a burst of sweet and tart flavours, combining the juiciness of them all into a vibrant and refreshing puff. The ELFA Pro pod kit is an upgraded iteration of the well-loved ELFA pod kit. This advanced version boasts a high-performance QUAQ mesh coil, elevating the flavour and delivering a more gratifying vaping experience. The ELFA Pro utilises replaceable pods with innovative mesh coils and cutting-edge coil/liquid separation technology to maintain the freshness of the liquid. Additionally, its rechargeable design incorporates a rapid USB-C charging port for fast charging times. Elevate your vaping journey with the ELFA Pro, where enhanced performance meets convenience.